Our product, "Walky" helps blind people by telling




 "How far"

the object is by voice.


Thinking about how can we help blind people to go outside safe was the start of this project.

As you probably know, blind people recognize what is around by touching with white cane.


 However, with the usual white cane, they can only know the objects around their feet.

Therefore there is a problem when the object is at the high position.

For instance, truck which the body is coming out and so on.

 In order to solve this problem, there are some research and development of white cane using ultrasonic sensor.


However, since the white cane using ultrasonic sensor also reacts to all objects including ground.

So, it is impossible to obtain useful information from it.

 In addition, danger can not be avoided because it can not distinguish whether the object is dangerous or not.

In this project, we thought we can create an environment which blind people can feel free to go outside by using our engineering skills.


Walky uses image recognition to detect what and where the objects are in real time and inform these information by voice using directional speaker.

Prototype 1

Prototype 2





TITAMAS stands for "Tokyo Intitute of Technology Advertisement and Media Art Society".


We are a group who usually use technology and engineering to create pop culture.

For example, hosting music events in college, make posters for contests, make videos and.

For Imagine cup, we selected three members from TITAMAS.


There are two master degrees majoring in Computer Science and two undergraduate majoring in Electrical and Electronic.


We are all nerd who likes coding and playing with hardware.